Michael Miller Tigers

One more tiger fabric garment... this was fairly quick and dirty because the print (Michael Miller "Growl") is large and I didn't want to make a lot of details that would compete with the large print.

I decided to make a side-zip dirndl skirt and just use selvage to selvage, which was almost a print match. (more on that later.  I wanted to at least match the rows of tigers. It was really close to perfect from selvage to selvage... I just ended up with these cute little cyclops tigers at the side seams.

I didn't really want to make the waistband in tiger.  I had a proper Brumby skirt waistband in the striped ticking from my last tiger-pocket skirt... but when I looked at the fabrics together, they didn't look very good.  I thought maybe some plain creme colored denim would be good.  It was exactly the same as the background of the tigers and a nice heavy thickness for a sturdy waist.  I cut four front pieces of the Brumby waistband to make a fitted side-zip waistband.

I'm not so sure now that it's made up if I really like the solid creme, but it is late in the game to fix it. I do reserve the right to make this into the skirt of a dress at a later time or some other inspiring waistband, if I so choose.  Maybe even with the bodice in this creme denim... but I also reserve the right not to care if it isn't perfect... because - tigers!

I got several compliments on the skirt from a wide range of people at work (all non-sewing people who just liked the print.)  Lots of library folks were pretty excited by the "cats". (Hello - they are tigers, not housecats!) My husband likes it too & he isn't even fond of house cats!

I hand-picked the zipper, in a vintage metal zip that is sort of a dark cantaloupe color. I didn't have a white/creme one of the correct length... so I decided to contrast. Just for my own sense of matchy-matchy, I also finished the inner edge of the waistband with vintage double-fold bias tape in a nearly identical color.

I also made a nice thick Brumby hem, one full tiger... I'm loving these little beasties!