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Dartless Sorbetto Toile

Southern Oregon has been under a cloud of wildfire smoke for several weeks.  Some days are worse than others - on the bad days, I've been been wearing an N99/carbon filter mask.  Not particularly photogenic... but very helpful. 
Today I debuted a toile I made last week after reading an instagram post about gender neutral sewing patterns by @sewqueer.  A comment mentioned a hack by @makerandshaker  to take the darts out the Sorbetto tank.  My interest was piqued for sure. The tutorial appeared on the Colette blog a couple years ago.  It's back before the new release of the pattern, so I used my older version, which I much prefer.  I wish SO MUCH that I had a PDF of the old version, as well as my taped-together paper version.  
To get outside, I wore a Vogmask.  I have this one and the cheetah print.  I thought this one almost matched my outfit of blue/white print with solid black.
 Here you can see how there is no dart anymore.  It's kind of a weird armpit shot... but the …

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