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Two Dottie Angel Frocks and musings on wearable vs. unwearable muslins.

The Dottie Angel Frock, Simplicity 1080, is kind of a cult classic pattern since it came out in 2015.  It's also on my Make Nine 2018 list... so I've made a couple of test versions in the last month.

The first one was smock length. (View B). It was actually just a little shorter than the pattern, since I was eeking it out of 2 yards, instead of 2 & 1/8th yards, as the pattern called for... but that's okay, since I'm short and meant to layer it over skirts or jeans.

I've been a big fan of wearable muslins for a long time - I sometimes end up loving the test garments a lot.  I also don't like wasting things - so I feel compelled to make something useful out of my fitting tests.  Sometimes this pays off, but sometimes it turns into a struggle.  More on that later.

So this one is completely from stash materials. I made it with some olive green sateen cotton, and used a little scrap of calico for the pocket cuff w/ some brown vintage piping for an extra detail, …

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