Walking Foot Giveaway!

I'm pretty sure that no human has ever visited my blog... but if there are any lurkers out there reading Thistle & Bean... today might be your luck day to get something for FREE!

A walking foot! Be the first to comment on my blog by 9pm pst, June 13th & I'll ship this to you, anywhere in the world.
Here's how I came by this brand new walking foot that needs a good home:

Last week, I read a great article about hemming stretch fabric with some tips for sewing on a regular machine.  The article was by the author of Four Square Walls writing for the Craftsy blog.  There was a photo worth a thousand words showing the difference between and interfaced hem sewn with a walking foot and an uninterfaced hem sewing with a regular foot.  It was so striking that I instantly coveted a walking foot and sought one out for my beloved vintage Viking machine.  (Actually my machine is technically a Husqvarna, not a Viking.  The model is 5610 - the same as a Viking 5710, but Canadian.) She's very similar to the machine I learned to sew on - my mom's Viking 3610.  I've always loved that machine and my mom will never part with it, so I decided to search for my own. I did a lot of research and decided that I wanted either a 3610 or a 5710.

I almost ordered a 5710 on ebay, but I was very afraid of the condition it might be in since it was being listed by someone who clearly knew nothing about sewing machines. Later, I was thrilled to discover a sewing machine collector and restorer in my own town.  I emailed him to ask if he had a 3610 in his collection and he wrote back that he has a 5610.  He went on to explain that, in Canada, there was some copyright conflict with the name Viking.  The same machine was released in the USA as Viking 5710 and in Canada as Husqvarna 5610.  I got to try it out and it sewed beautifull, so I snapped it up right away.

 I adore the brick red color and the very best part is the contrasting bright yellow enamel case.

I had never thought to look for a walking foot for my machine before reading the Craftsy blog. In fact, I'd never used any feet on a Viking that didn't just snap on and off.  When I began looking for a walking foot, I got really confused trying to figure out what would fit and thought I would just gamble on a generic one that fit other older Viking models.  They seemed all the same to me. I was SO wrong.

Turns out my machine has a weird obscure type of high shank and no walking feet were ever made for it and none made after its advent fit it.
"I'm sorry, we're just not a good fit."

I gleaned a lot of walking foot knowledge from this experience, but not until after I got my hands on this foot to see up close how very different it is... So, now the foot could be yours, if you would like it. It says in the ebay listing:  "Fits All Low Shank Husqvarna Viking (Husky Series) Sewing Machines"

It looks like it may fit other low shank machines, as well. If you have a low shank that has a screw on the left side, I think this generic foot could probably fit.  Here are some close-ups to compare with your machine, if you are interested.

This guide is also included.

Once again, if you are my first commenter, leaving a comment by 9pm pst, Friday, June 13th - this can be all yours as a thank-you for stopping in and reading Thistle & Bean - just leave me a comment with your contact (either email or a link back to your blog)! Thanks for reading!


  1. Hello Kate, I came across this post as I was searching for a walking foot for a Husqvarna 5710! My little machine is exactly the same as yours, colour and all (though a little more yellowed with age/sunlight on the sewing table!). However, it has a different shank to yours - mine is a low shank machine, so if this is still around and you are still wanting to part with it, could we come to some arrangement. I am in Australia. My email is quilary@gmail.com. Hilary

  2. I just sent you an email - I still have the walking foot and would be thrilled for it to have a new home where it could be useful. How cool that we have the same machine - I just love my 5710. Happy sewing :)

  3. I'm confused too. What do I order to get a walking foot for my Viking 5710? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for your post. I spotted a 5610 on Good Will auctions and thought (hoped) it had built-in walking foot. There is one Pfaff home machine with one. Your write up helped me a lot in understanding the machines. Thanks. I picked up a Pfaff 1525 at Salvation Army after loosing 2 beautiful Kenmores in hurricane Irma. Kenmores, at this point in time, are not desirable so I should be able to replace my lost machines.im killing the Pfaff sewing canvas. Thanks again