4th of July thift/antique adventures...

I'm about to head up to Portland this weekend for another adventure, so I figured the time is now or never to share my treasures from our Grants Pass 4th of July shopping extravaganza... we visited three antique stores and 5 thrift stores, even though 2 of my favorites were closed for the holiday weekend.  It was a pretty epic shopping endeavor.

Day one was devoted to antiquing. Grants Pass has some fantastic antique malls packed full of treasures and oddities.  Here's one booth I found strangely compelling for its hodgepodge of wares.

I'm always on the look out for an original Blythe doll when I'm antiquing.  It's a pipe-dream, but worth a look at the toys.  In my elusive search, I came across this amazing little Necchi toy sewing machine.  I was really tempted, but resisted the urge to bring it home.  Isn't is dear, though?!  And it really sews.

There wasn't a lot of actual sewing stuff to be found at the antique shops... more a feast for the eyes... but finally I found a stall that was dedicated to sewing.  Here's what I brought home.
 They had a passel of vintage Stretch and Sew patterns.  I love this unisex gypsy tank from 1967.  Stretch and Sew is from my home town of Eugene.  Pretty cool.  I think this could be a good basic and I am also really interested in vintage stretch sewing patterns because their instructions are geared toward vintage sewing machines like my beloved Viking 5610.
 I also got a big length of this plaid taffeta.  It's a bit over 2 yards, enough to make a skirt.  I've always loved plaid taffeta but I've never found the right vintage piece to sport it... now I can make my own.  I am thinking of a holiday party dress or skirt. I think it would be cute as the skirt for an Emery with a lower scooped neckline and a bodice made of black velvet.  Very Christmas-appropriate.
 I also found a smaller piece of this print.  Love the colors, though it's a weird piece of fabric.

I think it's enough to eke out a center panel in a princess-seamed bodice.  I think it might look pretty with this Amy Butler floral that I've been eyeing.

Okay - so day two was thrifting - lots more to look at and many more things came home with me.  I was sorely tempted by that lovely kelly green vintage beauty, but again, I resisted.  All the photos below the sewing machines are things I did bring home.

Vintage knitting magazine and book of men's sweater patterns.

Vintage plaid fabrics - 3yd each.  Original Newberry's tag - 67 cents a yard!

Lots of yardage.  l to r: Two nice cottons for muslin projects, two huge lengths of satin for lining, two remnants of pretty fabric I couldn't resist for a quarter.

Some knitting stuff and vintage buttons.

The bane of my husband's existence - more bias tape!  Love the patterned one, especially.

Some fasteners and zippers to add to my stash.
All in all, it was a lovely trip.  I finally feel like my "stash" is rounded out and I can get on to a lot of projects without having to make trips to Joann.  This is a good feeling.  I am excited to head up to Portland this weekend and visit a special store - the Knittin' Kitten.  It's a vintage store dedicated exclusively to fabric and notions.  Only in Portlandia?!  I am really looking forward to it.


  1. Wow, what wonderful finds! I adore the little Necchi, such a beauty. I totally would NOT have been able to walk away from that!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!


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