OAL complete! (affectionately named: 50 shades of grey)

Pardon me if I look a little peaked in these photos of my completed OAL - outfit-along.  It's just that my outfit includes a wool/alpaca/silk sweater and it's 91 degrees out when these photos were taken.  I'm trying to pretend that I'm in a fairyland of autumnal woodland splendour... but I never have been a very good liar.

I'm actually pretty in love with my outfit, but don't expect to wear it seriously until October, or so.

The sweater is a cardigan from a DIY formula pattern and the dress was meant to be part of my Vintage pattern pledge, but it turned out to be fitted (or possibly just overworked) within an inch of its life, until it resembled nothing further from the vintage pattern.
(I was going to make view 1, without a collar and cutting the front bodice piece on the fold to eliminate the placket.  I made it that way and the fit/style were very strange.  But that's a story for another post.)

All in all, I really like the sweater and dress together.  I wasn't sure for a while... but they've both grown on me a great deal.

Here's a stand-alone photo of the dress, which started out as a 1960's shirtwaist vintage dress pattern and ended up as this... pin-tucks and all.

Here I am a few hours later in much more of my own natural environment - an airconditioned restaurant - drinking a pomegranate cider.

I'll write more about both garments later... for now, I'm just happy that I managed to get a photo of them on my body during a heatwave before the deadline for the OAL.


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