belated Cambie #3

Missed blogging last weekend because I was out in the woods for 4 days camping with nary so much as a single bar reception on my phone... quite refreshing, actually!

Just before I ventured off into the wilderness, I finished my number three Cambie.  I had it all cut out and practically finished two weekends ago, but I took my sweet time through the following week on the hand stitching and little details of finishing up.  It's been nicknamed "the bird dress" for  obvious reasons.  

It's two Michael Miller fabrics that I fell in love with and purchased impulsively.  I wasn't sure how they would meld into one dress until I made the first muslin of the Cambie.  Then it just clicked that the two fabrics would become a Cambie.
It was really enjoyable to know that I could trust my fit after two muslins and concentrate on playing with print.  I enjoyed choosing the placement of the bodice pieces, especially.

If I had it all to do again, from the back, I may have cut the center cages so that the the birds face each other - this was a realization that I had on the front straps & though they are gathered up, I like the way the birds look at each other from the straps.

I thought this dress would be a fun party dress that I might want to wear with stockings or tights in the fall and winter, so I decided to fully line it.

I used some lavender poly lining for the skirt and soft white cotton to line the bodice.  The lavender was 54" wide, so it added some fouf under the bird print skirt, which was only 45" wide. 

I'm quite happy with my fittting adjustments and will file away the Cambie for later use.  This weekend is my 'knits & skirts" weekend.  I want to make another Kelly skirt and a t-shirt (my first!) and go from there to begin getting ready for fall. 


  1. I love your fabric choices and how you paired them! Good luck with the knits and skirts! Looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Thank you so much, Heather! I had a lot of fun with these prints. :)


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