Saturday, May 7, 2016

Brumby the Third

Here's my third iteration of Megan Nielsen's Brumby Skirt. The first two were wearable muslins preparing for this fabric, which is Robert Kaufman Dots Indigo. I made the third version a bit more midi-length so that it would be more versatile for work.

I wore it Friday to work before Me-Made-May & down in the country at my father-in-law's house to kick off #mmmay16 the following Sunday.  I'm already hankering to wear it again, but holding off to give other me-mades some love.  Here's its debut, after a full day at work - pardon the rumple.

This picture shows a pretty good view of some of the topstitching, which I did with heavy white mercerized quilting thread.  I couldn't decided whether to use navy or white thread so did a couple of tests before settling on white, with the thick thread to top-stitch for a further accent. I didn't have any proper topstitching thread, but the mercerized cotton worked pretty well in a pinch.

I have really been enjoying taking extra time to add a bit more detail, now that I have the fitting worked out from the muslins.  I thought about an exposed zip detail too, but decided to go with a thick white mercerized thread for the zip instead - it is something a little different - a bit experimental.  I didn't want the finish for the waist band to be the same prominent white thread, though, so I slip-stitched it by hand inside with regular navy sewing thread.

I must confess, this was a slightly eccentric zipper installation. Once I finished the top-stitched zip, I liked the look but the fabric flaps were too far out from the teeth and I thought it would get messy with that much loose fabric once it was washed & worn a few times, so I went back in closer with regular navy thread and hand-picked the zip, as well.  I really enjoyed the process of hand picking.  I'm kind of strange in that I really enjoy some handwork and ironing. Here's an extreme close-up of the double row of stitching on the zipper.  I've already hand-picked another zip on another work-in-progress and I am pretty in-love with the method. I look forward to more practice and refinement in projects to come.

Not too much ekse to say about the construction of the Brumby after three makes.  I definitely like the pattern a great deal and am quite sure I will make it again, but not for a while.  It's time for some other projects. I realized this pattern in the fabric in which I had imagined it and am quite satisfied for now.

One thing that this project illuminated for me is that I want more chambray &/or denim in my life. I'll keep my eye out when thrifting & definitely on my next new fabric purchase, there will be more indigo!  Till then, it's stash-busting and getting reacquainted with old me-mades for #mmmay16. (I can't believe I'm really doing it this year!  Yay!)

Happy trails, till we stitch again...

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