New Look 6305 - 90s Babydoll Dress

Here's my latest iteration of the 90s New Look pattern #6305.  I made it in some beautiful thrifted rayon that reminds me of Eastern European embroidery work.  I really like it.  A lot.

It's my third make of this pattern. I made two back in 2014.  My first one was cut to be oversized, but ended up just a bit ridiculously voluminous and I wasn't a big fan of the fabric, either, so I only wore it once.  The second make turned out to be one of my favorite dresses and I still wear it a lot.

Third time around, I made it a little shorter.  This was partly by design and partly by constraint of the amount of fabric that I had. I like it short, but it also makes it less work-friendly for summer. It has to go with tights or leggings to be work appropriate, whereas the first one is long enough to be fine for a summer work dress with bare legs.  I rather like the shorter length, overall, though.

I adapted the pattern by just using the back bodice/facing for the front and back pieces & omitting the buttons down the front to make a smooth boatneck pullover dress. Re-reading my original blog about this pattern, I am reminded how much I wanted to make plaid versions of this style for fall and winter... and I still do.  This year, it will happen!