Anchors in action!

Today wore my anchors away dress to work with a navy and white striped Gap cardigan, pinned with a vintage broach. It was so comfortable and I got two compliments on the fabric. It passed a big test for me - I was able to layer with it.  In the morning it was chilly, so I wore a wool plaid scarf with it to start off.
Mostly I just wore it with the cardigan.  I love the mix of print, plaid, and stripes.  Lots of fun and very cozy and easy to wear.

It's also cute on it's own.  For my second muslin, I cut the bodice down another size so it fades across 3 1/2 sizes from bodice to hips.  Yes, I have ridiculous measurements. But I think I am getting closer to a cute and flattering fit. 

Please forgive the rumples, I was sitting at work all day before my husband picked me up and took these photographs. I also think the crispness of the cotton makes the dress a bit boxy and I am excited to make the next iteration with the soft flowy linen.  I think it will drape and flatter a bit better. I like this one better than the last one for wearing sans belt, so I think I am getting somewhere with all the muslins. It also can be dressed up with a belt too. Last night I wore it around the house with a little grey vintage cashmere cardigan and a dark denim sash that is from an Ann Tayor Loft skirt.  It was another version of work casual... but once I got home from work, I had my sweetie take one more picture just for fun with some heels and a red & gold vintage belt that belonged to my mother-in-law.  

It has a lot of versatility. This is something I like very much in my clothes.  I don't like specific outfits that are the same all the time.  I like combining things in different ways. And I like being comfortable & temperature-appropriate.  So this is a good easy pattern to make. I think after I make the linen version, though, I will be quite ready to make something else.  Not that I wouldn't ever come back and make another Chelsea... but for now, I think one more will do it.  

I've been working through the Wardrobe Architect worksheets and I've come up with my 4 style words. That was a really interesting process.  There were lots of different exercises that generated describing words as part of the responses to the questions.  From there, you make a list of all the different words - at least 15.  Then you cull 3-5 of the most resonate out to make your style words.  Mine were: graceful, effortless, timeless, and unique. One can aspire!