I finished the muslin of the Chelsea dress.  I didn't like the way the bow looked. Especially with this floral, it looked kind of fussy.  But it looked sort of like hospital scrubs without any detail.. so I added a big mother of pearl button. I also tried it with a belt, since the stiff cotton doesn't float and drape very well for this smock style. I thought it was going to be a total loss for a moment... but it's weirdly growing on me.

I think it's still a bit too large in the top, but better than the first pattern I tried. It doesn't have any zipper, though, so it has to have enough ease to slip on.  Still, I am thinking of going another size down in the yoke and sleeves area, but keeping the fullness at the hips and below.

Maybe I will wear it to work tomorrow... if I am feeling adventurous in the morning.  For now: g'night.