each peach, pear, plum...

"Sewaholic Patterns is the first company to offer pretty, versatile sewing patterns for pear-shaped women! Our patterns are easy to use and designed to fit and flatter a pear-shaped figure."

Hello, I love you!?!

My heart literally skipped a beat when I read that there is a whole pattern company for ladies with my shape. So exciting!

As I mentioned in my last post, I usually have to grade patterns between different bust/waist and hip sizes.  Usually my hips are two sizes larger than my other measurements... but in the Christine Haynes Chelsea pattern, it was 3.5 sizes different... clearly designed for someone with a completely different figure.  I have been thinking about buying the Emery and I had read that some pear-shaped seamstresses made smaller bodices and gathered in the largest size of skirt to get enough ease through the hips.  Doable... but if there is a pattern designed to naturally accommodate my shape without a lot of fussing to adapt... that is definitely going to win out.

Enter: Sewaholic's Cambie dress.  I bought this today for my next series of wearable muslins after I make the linen Chelsea.  I love the two styles of skirt and I think it has a lot of versatile options for different fabrics.

Indie patterns are not cheap... but they seem to be designed in such away that they usually have a lot of options for being remade in various ways, so you can get your money's worth from a single pattern.  And to find an entire pattern company where I can basically match my measurements to the size chart without modification... that is an absolute first in all my years & well-worth shelling out a bit more to support.