april remenants

Me-Made May starts tomorrow!   I'm so excited to join in for the first time.

I'm also really excited to complete my first month in the Stashbusting Sewalong 2016 group.

Here are my totals for April:

Fabric Purchased:
2 yd coral lining (thrifted)
2 yd red lining (thrifted)
3 yd navy lining (thrifted)
3 yd creme silk jaquard (thrifted)
1/2 yd remnant maroon denim (thrifted)
3yd floral rayon twill (new on sale from Finch)

Fabric Sewn:
3 Brumby skirts (one as yet, unblogged)
plum knit dress
long Lucie rayon dress
Alexander Henry Folklorico dress (unblogged)
-15 yd

Yarn Purchased:

Project Completed:
Black Cardigan (unblogged) -4.5 skeins Southwest Trading Company Oasis Solid

I'm down 1.5 yards of fabric & almost 5 skeins of yarn, with 7 garments completed. I also got a lot more organized this month so I am ready to sew next month (i.e. tomorrow!)  I already have three garments cut and ready to construct in May.

I'm spending the weekend down at my father-in-law's house, so I am just cutting this weekend instead of sewing. I love using his big family room floor to cut - much easier than my little living room & then during the week, I can focus on stitching rather than cutting.

Now onto a finished object quickie:

Tying up some loose blogging ends before MMMay starts up... here's a dress I made the afternoon of Easter Sunday.  It's my second Lucie. The top is linen. For the skirt, I used a thrifted remnant of rayon that looks like it was from the skirt of a dress, chopped off.  By the time that I evened out the hack job, the hem turned out a bit short, but I realized that it wears well with jeans or leggings, as a top.

The skirt is pleated in, instead of gathered.  I just wanted to mix it up, while I was testing the pattern.

I still have two more garments to blog about, but they deserve posts of their own... next post: my Alexander Henry Folklorico dress... two years in the making & now finally finished!