Me-Made May Pledge

I, Kate of Thistle & Bean / @katikhu, sign up as a participant of 
Me-Made-May '16.  
I endeavor to wear at least one garment that I have sewed or knitted 
(& always choose a me-made option over rtw, if I have one in my wardrobe) 
each day for the duration of May 2016.

I've been wanting to take part in Me-Made-May since I discovered it and the sewing blog world in early 2014.  I only had a couple things made by May of 2014, so I just admired everyone else that year, then I got to busy to sew last year... but now is my time - my first ever MMM!

I made a lot of things in 2014 that have stood the test of time and are still active in my wardrobe & I've been generating quite a few garments this year, since the curated closet project brought me back to sewing for myself again.

While I didn't plan to make a bunch of things solely for MMM, I did already plan to make some new basics for summer, so I have more motivation to get that done in the coming 6 weeks. Through the Stash Less series from The Craft Sessions I've really been thinking critically about my stash of fabric and how to be more mindful and intentional in the craft process to enjoy what I make to the fullest.

There is process and product - sometimes we make for process and sometimes for product.  I want to optimize the relationship between process and product to get the most joy and functionality from both the making and the wearing. 

I'm excited to choose me-made garments first and learn more about what I would like to sew/knit in the future to complete my wardrobe more mindfully.

I'm also excited to celebrate what I have already made and give those garments some extra love. An extra part of this challenge for me is to always choose a me-made option first, if I have one available. For instance, I have a denim skirt that I really like that I found at a thrift store, after months of searching.  It was a little ill-fitting in the waist, but I altered it and now I really like it.  I like it better than my two-year old Kelly chambray skirt... but I will pick the Kelly over the rtw skirt in May... even if I am also wearing a top or a sweater that I made to fulfill the 'at least one' part.

I just want to see what it is like to try to wear as much me-made as possible. I really admire Stale Bread into French Toast and Handmade by Carolyn - who are truly extraordinary makers. Carolyn even makes her own shoes!!!

I will always have a mixture of things, but next month the me-mades will take center stage. I can't wait to see everyone else's wonderful creations too.