Kelly & Veronika

The sun came out this week!
See?!  It's in my eyes.  After the cloudy grey winter... I am a little confused.  But happy!

Oh. And here's a picture of the first ever wearing of the Twisted Grapes cardigan and my second iteration of the Megan Nielsen's Veronika circle skirt. 

I really love this sweater now that it stays buttoned... 
Those shoes are funny, huh?! I didn't start out wearing them.  I was wearing some navy vintage platform sandals... until this happened:
Fortunately, I work right around the corner from an American Apparel where I got these glowy jelly shoes for $12 to get through the rest of the day. They actually look kind of cool with the outfit, but it was unplanned.  I'm going to take these jellies back to work to keep in my desk drawer in case of an future vintage shoe mishaps.  This wasn't my first and may not be my last... but that's just par for the course when you are wearing things that are decades old.  I'll take my chances. It always works out and makes for exciting days sometimes where you unexpectedly end up the proud owner of glow in the dark plastic shoes!
Back to sewing... The second Veronika went together like a dream... It's a great go-to circle skirt that I will definitely make in more multiples.  

My next make, I will do in black linen/rayon blend with the pocket detail. I realized how much I love a skirt with pockets after wearing my long-awaited corduroy Kelly the next day. It only took me 20 months to do the button holes. I don't know what I was waiting for - it took less than a half hour to finish up once I actually sat down to do it. 
Megan Nielsen is such a great designer for skirts.  I very rarely wear pants - I'm trying to force myself to wear pants once a week these days and it's a struggle.  I live in knee length skirts... and her patterns are so wearable and fun. There are enough details & variations to become patterns that you enjoy making over and over and the designs are classic and simple enough to be comfortable for an average day at work or running errands. 

Next up is Brumby.  I cut out two wearable muslins in more thrifted floral fabric this weekend - one for each variation of fullness to see which I prefer for the indigo dot chambray that I ordered along with the black linen/rayon.  Looking forward to stitching them up and learning about the exposed zip. I'm bummed that her app doesn't come out for Android til June and it's supposed to have really good instructions for the exposed zip.  I hope I can figure it out without the app.  It's a technique I look forward to learning - hopefully sooner rather than later.

It's back to raining again - but till next time, I'll remember what it felt like to be warm outside and dream of the next sunny day... 


  1. oh my goodness! thank you so much for commenting over my way, ( so i could find your blog! i love the floral and gingham combo + you're right...those jellies are pretty cute with them! i say stick with the skirts! they definitely suit you. most of us are trying to get out of the pants! :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by & for the skirt encouragement. I sometimes feel like I should try new things... but there is something joyful and comforting about know what you love and what works for you & just sticking with it. :)


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