finished object: Lucie dress from République Du Chiffon

One good thing about Daylight Savings Time... it is light when I get home from work now.  And today it wasn't raining! It was still cold, but we ran outside and my husband snapped a couple of photos of me wearing my summer garments.

First up - the Lucie muslin.

I made the largest size, but without any seam allowances added in.  It is a bit on the large side, but still wearable.  I think it will be great when it is really hot out. I plan to make another wearable muslin from stash fabric a couple sizes down, though - to perfect the fit.  I like the length as given.  I added some width to the skirt by just doing two 54" wide pieces, selvage to selvage for cheater finished side seams.

I was kind of worried about the slender French sizing and my decidedly pear-shaped American body... but I think I am getting it sorted for next time around and amazingly, though the bodice is oversized, it doesn't actually fall off my shoulders. It almost does, but no amount of wiggling and squirming around actually makes if fall off the shoulder - so that is a good thing, indeed.

It was too cold to wear as a summer dress today, but it looks really cute with a strappy black yoga bra under it, instead of my work shirt. It sort of works as a jumper, but it makes me feel like a six year old too.

My fabric is thrifted - 80s or 90s rayon, I think.  or a really soft cotton/poly blend. I bought it in 2014 when I was rebuilding a stash. It's light and floaty royal blue with black squares.

I did my own thing for the finishing.  I lined the bodice and left the skirt a single layer.  I sewed both the bodice and the lining separately at the side and shoulder seams, then slipped one turned right side out into one turned inside out.
From here, I stitched the neck and turned it right side out, then basted the shoulder bodice and lining together and finished the arm holes with readymade bias tape.
This was a pretty painless way to put the bodice together without having to turn everything though a little bitty shoulder seam.  I think for a thicker fabric that could manage as a single layer, I'd just use bias binding at the neck too.  This pattern came together very quickly and it was fun to make. I think it will be fun to wear, too... once it warms up! I look forward to making more and perfecting the balance between oversized and fitted.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the finished knitting project...