finished object: knitted hi-lo tee

Ta da!  Another garment for summer!  The photos we took yesterday weren't great, but I was too cold to spend the time to get nicer ones.

This was a total therapy project.  Two huge rectangles sewn together.  I used 3 skeins of yarn that I got a thrift store with no band/labels.  They were $1.85 each.  The fiber is synthetic and summery. It's soft sort of like bamboo and has little iridescent sequins woven in.
If I had more yarn to play with, I would have made this in one giant rectangle binding off and casting back on for the neckline, like the Lattice Tee I made a few years ago.  As it was, I only had a couple feet of yarn scraps left at the end, so I knit two separate ones to control the length more carefully.

The yarn is somewhere between worsted and bulky.  I wanted it to be gauzy and somewhat sheer, so I knit it on size 17 needles - 56 stitches or about 26" wide.  The first 5 rows and the 5 stitches on either side seam are in seed stitch, so they don't curl & the rest is stockinette.

The front piece is 25" long and the back 29".  That was all the yarn I had.  I really wanted a hi-low hem. I stitched 8 inches on either side of the shoulder seam, leaving 10" on each side for the neck hole.

I measured down 9" from the shoulder for the arm holes and then stitched the front and back together at the side seam until the last 4" of the front piece, for a split side seam.

I am very pleased with how it turned out - super comfortable, casual with a little hint of sexy, a little sparkle. The sequins were surprisingly easy to knit with, but they were a bit challenging to seam with - if I had it to do over again, I would seam with a solid black yarn to save myself trouble. All in all, an easy and soothing piece to knit up & it should be fun to wear once the weather turns to Spring.