Twisted Grapes - closure.

Since I can no longer marathon knit the way I could in my twenties, I've been changing it up lately by picking through my mending/UFO pile and fixing up nearly completed projects when my body has had enough of the repetitive action of knitting.  It's been quite productive. The other night, I sewed a missing button back onto my grey/orchid cardigan and took a second look at my Twisted Grapes cardigan.

It was pretty much unwearable with it's flacid button band, but I wasn't in the mood to make machine-stitched buttonholes in ribbon, so  first I tried changing one of the buttons for a larger one. The result was not an improvement. There was no avoiding the need for stabilization, so I decided to keep the small buttons and do a quick-and-dirty ribbon button band by just cutting the holes directing into the ribbon and finishing with hand stitching.

It could be slightly more polished on the inside, but the end result was actually just fine on the right side and much faster.  I'm quite happy that the buttons now behave themselves and I actually have another really cute cardigan ready for Me-Made May.

I now, quite literally, have closure on Twisted Grapes!