minimalist thrifting

Once or twice a month, my husband and I have a standing thrift store date. We usually visit 4-5 stores and have a lot of fun poking around. I didn't want to give up our date time by going curated with my wardrobe - just shift gears on my approach. This time, after spending the week on Pinterest and contemplating spring, I was armed with a wishlist of things for which to search.

You have to be open to the possibilities of chance to really succeed at thrifting... but if you don't have a framework... you can end up with a lot of disparate items that get redonated pretty rapidly.  There is also a potential to spend more money.

Today I remained open to the thrift fates, but also went in with some vision.  I tried on a ton of clothes and had a marvelous day.  I also spent the least I have in ages and ended up really happy with all my purchases.

My first store, I only bought one thing - not on my list, but a classic too good to pass up - a very soft black vintage lambswool muffler from Scotland. What restraint!

On our next stop, I tried on a lot of things and almost bought this Gap chambray tunic because I had a chambray tunic on my list - but I decided against it because it was not giving me the least shred of joy. I'm actually reconsidering my curiosity about chambray based on what I tried on today.  I'm pretty sure I would only be interested in a fitted chambray buttondown, at this point.  This is good stuff to know!
What I did buy gave me lots of joy and I am even wearing it as I type!  A bright yellow genuine leather belt in perfect condition, just my size. 

Obviously this is a wise addition to my wardrobe if it can seamlessly match the outfit I'm wearing. And it radiates a lot more joy than the feedsack  chambray tunic above.
At the next store I found no clothes at all. But I did find some housewares treasures.  A vintage recipe card box, which I will use for index card flashcards for studying. 
I also found this lovely antique china pitcher and bowl.  It's hard to photograph the exquisite iridescence in the glaze and the floral texture embossed into its impossibly thin porcelain.  Suffice to say that it is delightfully delicate and joy-inspiring.

Onto our next two stores, where I usually have the most luck with clothing. Store #4 yielded two good finds for me - both hi-lo hemlines that will match with my current capsule.  I think I will change out a couple of the lounge shirts to add these in instead.  I haven't had much yearning to wear any of those three shirts around the house & these new (to me) ones go a more smoothly with the leggings and pants in my capsule because of their hems.  Plus, I'm already daydreaming of outfits in my head with them... so I'm giving myself permission to adjust. 

I am really excited about this boxy graphic tee.  It's heather grey with navy elephants in a southwest pattern.  I love everything about it. Good fit, soft fabric, colors that go with my current curated closet, southwest print, and elephants. Lots of joy here. 
The second item is sort of a cross between a shirt and a sweater.  It is a soft, lightweight acrylic royal blue shot with gold metallic thread and gold zipper accents.  It succeeds in being both fitted and slouchy at the same time, which is hard. And very happy-making for me.
I think it will look good with those new royal blue "zippered leggings" I bought from Forever 21 online.  They are not quite leggings & not quite pants. 

I was quite pleased with these finds, but the real treasure of the day was something I found for my husband at Store #4.... an Oscar De La Renta wool and cashmere navy blazer in perfect condition.  It was supposed to be $4, but the color of the tag matched the 50% off tag sale, so I paid $2. A quick Google search revealed some similar sportcoats retailing for $350. 
Store #5 was the store where I tried on the most items - I didn't count, but I think it was about 3 dozen.  I bought one item of clothing. I almost didn't even buy it because it is a cheap fast fashion brand and it was kind of expensive for thrifting ($4.99) but the print is *exactly* like the floral print I was imagining for the floral shell on my list.  It makes me feel happy and it was soft and in good condition. I think it will be cute with my black and white striped maxi skirt, for a fun stripes vs. florals mash-up. It takes me back to the 90s, in a good way.
Finally - not exactly clothing... but an accessory treasure... a vintage purse with fringe.  I think at one time it was all black, but the fabric and fringe have faded to different tones so that the fringe looks almost burgundy now and I rather like the effect.  It was in excellent condition too.
There you have it - my grand thrifting adventure - all had for less than $30!