Veronika Skirt #1

Today I cheated on my curated closet and wore my new Megan Neilsen Veronika skirt. I haven't been able to bring myself to wear any of the wool/plaid skirts in my current capsule since wearing them on the funeral trip. They just make me feel sad and somber.  Especially since the sun is making a regular appearance and it's getting into the 50s and 60s... I wanted to change it up.

I packed away 2 plaid and one black wool pleated skirts in the spare room closet and I brought this one out of waiting a bit early. It was just the right thing to brighten up my spirits and celebrate proper spring being right around the corner.  I'm going to keep it in my curated closet.  I figure that trading three skirts for one isn't too bad.

One thing to watch for - circle skirts really catch the wind!  As you can see from this impromptu Marilyn moment... a gal's gotta keep an eye on her Veronika in the breeze!

And speaking of breezy - this pattern is a breeze to sew up.  It has a simple side zip that goes all the way up into the waistband.  I noticed that this is the same construction that a lot of off-the-rack garments use.

It's a quick & slick way to do the waist and it avoids that funny gap that can occur between the button tab and the zipper, if you make the waistband to close separately from the zipper.

I love the flowy drape of the circle skirt as a change to all the pleats I have been wearing lately.  This fabric is very well-suited to the pattern too. It's a small, all-over floral, so the bias parts don't look wonky.  It also didn't stretch or sag, so I didn't have to adjust it to do the hem.  

I have a second Veronika on a hanger waiting to be hemmed and it is stretching out a lot on just one side.  I will leave it for a couple more days, until I know that it has really settled, then I'll hem it this weekend. 
This is a happy make - to sew and to wear.  One more hit from Megan Nielsen.  Her skirt patterns are my all time favorites, so far... and Brumby is up next!