my 2016 making list (inspired by The Craft Sessions Stash-Less series)

I can't say enough good things about The Craft Sessions Stash-less series.  It is beautifully written & has been an immeasurable help and inspiration in reconnecting to the joy of making things from what I already have.  It is wonderful to see a trend toward more people thinking & talking about make do and mend, minimalism, sustainability, and mindfulness in making. 

The Craft Sessions latest challenge to draft a "making list" for the year is one of my favorites, so far.  Here's an excerpt. 

There is this tricky thing that happens in my head, and probably also in yours, whereby you sit with this overwhelming desire to make the things. Things you have thought of, and things you haven't yet thought of. You get excited as an idea flashes through your mind about some fabric you have in your stash or the shape of a garment you saw the other day that you know you could make. And yet.... there isn't enough time in anyone's world to make all the things. Everyone, even those people that do it for a living, have very limited time to make. And while we can sometimes achieve a lot in that time, we will never be able to make all the things!

What a revelation! I have so many projects that I want to make, there is no way they can all come to fruition.  This can be distracting or overwhelming, but formulating the making list creates some focus and structure in which to channel that raw creative energy. My list built on the work I've done to take stock of my stash and think about a curated closet... now I feel like I have a game plan to make more of the things that would really serve me in the year ahead from materials that I have, while also leaving room for fun and spontaneity.  

Another thing that excites me: If I stick to this general framework, I will work through a good deal of my stash this year to make space & save money for more mindful choices of new or new-to-me materials in 2017.  Without further ado:

Making List 2016

1.) wearable muslins from stash fabrics for Brumby and Lucie patterns, until fit is perfected. Brumby #1 & 2. Lucie #1 #2 #3
2.) make basic foundational pieces (fabric already ordered: Brumby in chambray dot done + Veronika in black linen.) 
3.) Finish Cormac 
added: 4.) Heather B. Stashbushting Sew-along  knit maxi dress/caftans (knit fabric as my "fabric fear") done!

Bonus projects, if there's time:
Brumby + sleevless buttoned shell set with vintage floral/heart embroidered denim from stash
Finishing husband's sweater vest &/or black cardi earlier

1.) Finish sweater vest before husband's bday
2.) Finish black version of  Bamboo Cardigan for summer
2.) Start Miss Lemon in aqua My Baby yarn from stash, if there's time
3.) Brumby + sleeveless shell (from vintage pattern & fabric in stash) separates set. 
4.) Work on muslins with stash fabrics for a well-fitted basic dress - maybe revisit Emery  try out Gertie's shirtwaist dress or buy Betty or Cami pattern? (Cami is a great fit!)

***********************edit to check in at May 24th***************************************************
My knitting is temporarily on hold because I ended up with Dequervain's disease (ironically from doing physical therapy exercises for my shoulder) affecting my left thumb in the beginning of May.  Still waiting to do the button band on my husband's sweater vest that was supposed to be a birthday present. and the Cormac is on hold, but I did finish my black summer cardigan before this occurred.

Sewing has been good in the last couple months.  In May, I have been slowing down and taking my time.  I made up the dot chambray and black linen into good summer basic skirts.  I tested the Cami dress pattern &, while I don't like the collar, I adore the fit of the bodice just exactly as it is designed, so I have a great base now.  This dress is what I was hoping for from the Emery a couple years ago that didn't pan out.  So nice not to have to make a bunch of alterations!  I'm still on the hunt for the perfect shirtwaist collar, though.  My next attempt will be a vintage pattern. 

I've also been struck with an unusual desire to make pants and shorts.  I got my Viking 6460 restored and it has a low gear and a lot more power than my 5710, so I think I could do denim justice. 

I've got my eye on:

Knitting will probably not be much of a reality till Fall, so I am going to focus on sewing this summer - both making things for summer and preparing for winter, as Me Made May has revealed that I don't have enough cold weather sewn garments. (Incidentally, nor I don't have enough warm weather knitted garments.)  

1.) Start or continue knitting Miss Lemon
2.) Muslins with stash fabric of woven tops - Sorbetto,  Nani Iro /Fancy Tiger, and stash patterns
3.) Use perfected basic dress pattern to start birthday dress with Cotton + Steel Tiger fabric 
4.) Make birthday skirt with pink Folklorico fabrics - based on Brumby pattern.  (skirt fabric became this dress, instead)

1.) Try to finish Miss Lemon sweater before birthday?
2.) Finish Birthday dress and skirt (skirt fabric became this dress, instead)
3.) Buy Nani Iro + make a woven top with perfected woven top pattern from June

1.) Use wool + corduroy and other winter fabric from stash to make some new skirts for fall. 
2.) Knit - a sweater from stash yarn/Ravelry pattern that moves me at the time

1.) Continue to prepare for transition to fall with sewing projects, as time permits.
2.) Continue to knit sweater(s?) from stash yarns

1.) Halloween costumes?
2.) Start making felt ornaments for library holiday sale
3.) Continue knitting sweaters

1.) Finish ornaments for holiday sale
2.) make present (secret!)

leaving space for holiday projects and to buy myself a present of some new materials