week 2 outfit round-up

Sunday night:
new blue zipper sweater with zipper blue leggings, yellow/gray/white large silk scarf, metallic cloth flats
hang out with friends

black tee dress with black cabled cardigan, peacock blue tights, black oxford wedges

horse dress, yellow/gray/white large silk scarf, yellow cardigan*, black moto-boots
work & shopping 
*this is that weird cool tone of garish yellow that actually doesn't look bad on me.

vintage silk blouse, dark denim pleated skirt*, slouchy black cardigan, red tights, black vintage loafers
*this is the denim skirt that was baggy in the waist - it's fixed now.

longsleeve navy/white trapeze dress, green cashmere cardigan, yellow belt, peacock blue tights, navy vintage loafers
work + road trip

navy cardigan over navy tee, grey/navy plaid pleated skirt, navy tights, navy loafers,
memorial viewing

black turtleneck, grey/black argyle cashmere sweater, black wool pleated skirt, black oxford wedges

black/white short sleeve tee dress, black slouchy cardigan, black leggings, black scarf, new over the knee vintage boots
evening with friends

Friday and Saturday were hard days. I got something out of my storage drawers for the funeral, instead of staying in the constraints of my capsule. I didn't want to wear solid black because I don't think most people really do that any more. I just wanted to be appropriate & respectful. It was also in the mountains where it is still snowing, so I wanted to be warm, but my only warm sweaters are bright green or bright red buffalo check and that seemed too bright to me. I remembered this black and grey sweater I had stored & I thought it would be good. I am not being hard on myself for breaking the closet/wardrobe rules I set out for myself. Some things are more important and I just wanted to wear this sweater for this occasion. So I did.

I was anxious about what to wear since I was meeting a lot of people that I haven't met before and didn't know what to expect as to how formal or relaxed it would be.  As it turned out, only a couple of older women were dressed traditionally in all black, everyone else was just wearing nice church clothes, some darker neutrals and others with flowers and bright colors.

I thought about the past and I couldn't actually remember what I've wore to any funeral that I have been to ibefore.  I don't honestly think it really matters what you wear, it just matters that you do the best with what you have so that you look like you care enough to try - but maybe that doesn't even matter - the most important thing is just to be there.